Immediate delivery. No monthly subscription fee.

Immediate delivery   |  No monthly subscription fee

Are all AI property description services the same? Nope. Check out the Nila June difference.

Every seller deserves the best. Here’s how to write a property description with Nila June:


You complete a quick online survey designed to capture the features  and benefits offered by your listing.


Immediately, our proprietary AI natural language generation system composes your listing description, which is based entirely on the details that you provided in the survey.


Your description is already in your inbox. It reflects all the information that you provided. It is compliant with Fair Housing language regulations. It’s fun to read.


We immediately deliver two versions of your property description! The short version falls within the 1k character limit of popular listings sites. The long version is for use where character limits are not an issue, such as on a dedicated website, flyer, blog or email.


Absolutely! The descriptions are emailed to you in editable text format. Feel free to add your own perspective. Even if you decide to make a couple of changes, your listing is publishable faster, and you have more time for showing houses and closing deals.


With Nila June, there’s no contract or hidden “subscription” fee. Purchase only when needed. And it’s only $19.99!

Artificial Intelligence. Genuine descriptions. No contract or subscription.

Reflections on our first year in service

Nila June has been delivering fresh, fully automated property descriptions to real estate agents throughout the U.S. since 2021. We wrote about what we've learned.
We thrive on helping listing agents, brokers, and teams strike a professional, creative tone in their property descriptions . . . and we've been doing that for more than a year now. We wrote a little something about what we've learned from our clients.
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10 reasons to use Nila June

Before your coffee pot finishes brewing, you and Nila June can create a captivating property description that is rich with fresh vocabulary and phrasing.
Let’s face it. The keyboard on your desk doesn’t make you yearn to write property descriptions anymore than the wrench in your basement inspires you to re-plumb the bathrooms. Leave the plumbing to a plumber and the writing to Nila June.
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What is Nila June?

Nila June is an artificial intelligence system built for one purpose only: to help you write listing descriptions that sell.  You can adapt these descriptions for your public remarks for MLS, and for your other property listing needs.

Why are our descriptions so effective? Professional human writers have created Nila June’s vocabulary, phrasing, and stylistic choices. Sentences, phrases, and words are based entirely on information that you supply.  

This professional tool for AI property descriptions is NOT a ChatGPT-based “property description generator.” 

Like a trusted professional writer, Nila June takes a briefing from you and completes an assignment.  Nila June is the answer to your Google search: “How to write a great property description.”

Top agents publish Nila June’s instant property listing descriptions on all major listings platforms, such as Zillow, Homes, Compass, Coldwell Banker, and more

Online Briefing

You answer Nila June's online questions about the home.

Instant Writing

Immediately, Nila June's Artificial Intelligence system writes your listing description.

Immediate Delivery

Your description is already in your email in-box.