Just what is Nila June?

Property listing descriptions for you

Nila June pairs human writing intelligence with unlimited computational power in order to produce great property listing descriptions for you.

Nila June’s vocabulary, phrasing, and stylistic choices are created by professional human writers, and conditionally invoked based on information that you supply.  Like a trusted professional writer, Nila June takes a briefing from you, and completes a tedious task that you don’t really have time to do yourself. Read more in our FAQ

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Or better yet, get started by answering a few simple questions about your listing.

Professional process

Before getting started on a property listing description, a professional writer asks you a series of questions about the property.  So does Nila June.

The writer gets to work, assembling words and phrases that have been effective in the past.  So does Nila June.

The writer has in mind an array of ways to describe a deck, for example, or hardwood flooring.  So does Nila June.

Immediate delivery 

Here’s where the Nila June process differs, in your favor. Immediately upon completion of the Nila June briefing interview, you receive a comprehensive property description.  As with the work of any professional writer, you’ll still want to read it.  You might make a tweak here and there before posting.  But using Nila June means your listing is publishable faster, leaving you with more time for showing houses and closing deals.

Who created Nila June?

Nila June’s co-creators have deep experience using data, language, and technology to create business information products. Read more about them here.