Artificial Intelligence (AI) Property Descriptions

Nila June is the best AI Property Description Tool

When you use Nila June, you’re doing way more than just getting the property description “out of the way.” You’re getting a GREAT property description that helps draw buyers to your door, and helps win new listings. Nila June puts you at the helm of  a powerful (and easy-to-use) Artificial Intelligence tool that automatically combines:

  1. Your personal knowledge of the home and surrounding area
  2. The skill and talent of the nation’s best professional real estate writers
  3. The fastest computational power available

Great property listing descriptions in five minutes! Every customer is a repeat customer!

Artificial intelligence for truly smart real estate agents!


When you hire a human freelancer to write your property description, you start by briefing that writer about the property. Maybe a few emails go back and forth. Perhaps a few phone calls. Maybe you even have to meet your new hire in person to discuss the property. Do you have to give a tour?

Briefing Nila June is a lot easier. You just fill out the online property survey.  Takes about five minutes. Designed in consultation with real estate agents across the country, the property briefing survey asks all the right questions about the home, the yard, and the local amenities. In fact, some agents tell us that taking the survey reminds them of important features that they might have forgotten to mention in the property listing!

A new way to expand your personal marketing

Spending five minutes on the survey is the “hard” part, and then comes the fun part. As soon as you’re done, Nila June’s Artificial Intelligence system carefully considers the information you have provided. Like a skilled real estate writer (but much faster!), Nila June sees connections and synergies within the information, and draws conclusions that help buyers “see” themselves in the home. Immediately, you receive not one but two property descriptions. There’s a shorter version, for use where word count limits are an issue, and there’s a longer one for use everywhere else.


Just as you would with any piece of writing provided by any writer, feel free to edit! Many of our customers publish the descriptions without making any changes. Others combine the long and the short versions. Still others add specialized features or details about the home.

Used by top listing agents

How do we know Nila June property descriptions are great? Everyone says so. Really, everyone! We see them all over the place. Here are some samples. Every customer is a repeat customer. Most of our business is from agents who tried Nila June’s AI and decided they’re “never going back” to writing descriptions themselves.

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