Greg Williams

Co-founder, Nila June Instant Property Descriptions.

Standout house

Here’s how Nila June is different from ChatGPT and other property description services

Open AI’s GPT technology is bedazzling and terrific. It instantly produces text that is grammatically correct, sometimes accurate, rarely original, and almost never exactly what we want to say. I have no doubt that someday that sentence will require significant revision toward the positive—but not in time to publish your next MLS property description.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Property Descriptions

Is writing property descriptions a pain in the neck? Not anymore!   Nila June is an artificial intelligence writing service that real estate agents and transaction coordinators use to create property listing descriptions instantly. You can use our instant AI descriptions for your public remarks for MLS, or to post on any listings platform. Our …

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Transaction coordinator

The transaction coordinator checklist just got a little easier

In praise of transaction coordinators Transaction coordinators keep the U.S. real estate market moving. They are logistical superheroes. They transform a calendar of roadblocks into a pathway to success. Imagine, if you dare, the dark, chaotic world without them. Appointments are missed, home inspections don’t happen, listing agreements linger unsigned, photos aren’t scheduled, lawn signs …

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