Greg Williams

Writer, business information product manager, practitioner of commercially deployable natural language generation (NLG), real estate data expert. Co-founder of Nila June Instant Property Descriptions.

Willie Ibarra

Customer Spotlight: Willie Ibarra

“Buyers today are drowning in online photographs of homes for sale. After a while all those photos look the same. A great written description says, ‘Pause here with me, and think about this house.’ It can really make a listing stand out.” — Willie Ibarra, Managing Broker/Owner of W Realty Services, LLC

Greg Williams

Nila June Co-Founder Greg Williams | AX Semantics Interview

“Does a real estate agent yearn to spend all morning in isolation, tweaking a property description? Or would the agent rather be shaking hands and showing houses? By disposition, most agents are inclined toward the social aspects of their profession, just as the writer who can come up with a great property description might not be so good at giving the Grand Tour.”

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