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“Hi Greg, 
I absolutely LOVE this service! Is there any way we can get condominiums added to the service? I am in Florida, and we have a plethora of condos in our area! 
Kind regards,”

You had me at capital L-O-V-E

For a months now, as we’ve continually enhanced our automated property description service, we’ve also been carefully observing how listing agents use Nila June output. For example, we’ve noticed quite a few of you trying to use Nila June for vacant land, by specifiying homes that are zero square feet in size!. (Don’t worry . . . land descriptions are coming!) We’ve also noticed a lot of agents using our single family home descriptions for condo listings and vacation rentals. More recently, direct interactions with super agents like Tammy Summers of BHHS and Leah Molina of Devon and Duston Fox’s Fox Homes Team convinced us that we needed tackle condos. Spoiler alert: We did! Our condo description service is now live, and ready for you!

When writing listing descriptions for condominiums, we keep in mind . . .

Condos tend to be stylish, newer rich with community amenities, and centrally located.

Rather than existing in pleasant suburban seclusion on the periphery of town, condominium complexes are often prominent components of the larger community. They are visible landmarks for locals who go to the grocery store “near the the Delray condos,” or who take “the first left after the Argyle” on their way to the beach. Buyers looking for seclusion are problably not looking at condos. 

Yard amenities become community amenties. Single family homeowners might invite friends over to enjoy the backyard pool. Condo owners meet their neighbors (and their neighbors’ friends) in the condo complex’s pool . . . which is professionally maintained. The landscaping, too, is no source of chores for condo owners, but merely a feature to enjoy from the balcony or in passing, on their way to the clubhouse. Elevator? Great!. Assigned parking? Great!

And how about that balcony view of the gulf, or the golf course?

Generally, condos don’t have basements or fireplaces.

What's next?

Before answering that question, we shold say that enhancements are always on the way. They’re so common that we rarely announce them. Every morning, we wake up obsessed with adding more structural and linguistic variation to our artificial intelligence (AI) property descriptionj software. Buying a Nila June property description is like hiring a legion of professional writers for $19.99. 

Probably our next annouced enhancement will be vacant land. We’ll keep you posted. If you have any ideas about that, or about any other enhances you would like to see, shoot me an email at greg@nilajune.com.

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