Describe your home or listing effectively, and in automated fashion

It’s easy to fill in the bedroom and bath counts on Zillow or an MLS system, but what about the “Describe your Home” field.  That one requires creativity, and can take all day. With Nila June, there’s no need to give it short shrift. Or a lot of time. In the age of digital photography, a great automated property listing description is worth a thousand pictures. You’ll be done in minutes.

Nila June uses the latest technology to create automated property listing descriptions that describe your home in a way that will amaze your clients and bring buyers to your open houses. Nila June’s automatic property descriptions can get you to the finish line in just a handful of minutes.  Check out our live samples. When it comes to your property listing descriptions, Nila June is different from/better than ChatGPT. Or click below to get started.

You're done!