Help agents elevate their property descriptions to a professional level

Thinking of embedding Nila June on your site as one of your recommended tools for agents? That’s a great idea! Generate loyalty and revenue by offering a best-in-breed product to your customer base of real estate agents, or to your company’s network of franchisee agents, or to your real esate agent association members. Send an email to to get started.

Benefits to your clients, employees, or association members

  • Time savings. Our descriptions are created in the time it takes an agent to respond to our property briefing suvey.

  • Happy sellers. Our descriptions impress sellers, leading to repeat commissions and word-of-mouth praise of the agent.

  • Greater interest in listings. More buyers will consider a home that has a great property description associated with it.

  • More listings. Nila June descriptions impress potential sellers who are looking for a listing agent.

Benefits to your organization

  • Higher engagement with users. Nila June is sticky. Most of our business is from repeat customers who return to Nila June whenever they get a new listing.

  • Brand enhancement. You’ll be offering best-in-breed technology.

  • You’ll cement loyalty, and you may also choose to establish a new revenue stream..

It's easy

  • Embed the Nila June survey on your site.

  • Hook up to the Nila June API.

  • Start delivering property descriptions!

Send an email to to get started.