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Beyond ChatGPT property description generators

Open AI’s GPT technology is bedazzling and terrific. It instantly produces text that is grammatically correct, sometimes accurate, rarely original, and almost never exactly what we want to say. I have no doubt that someday that sentence will require significant revision toward the positive—but not in time to publish your next MLS property description.


Fully automated public remarks for MLS

Most multiple listings services do a great job of aggregating publicly available information about homes for sale. No doubt this saves agents a lot of time. Great! You don’t have to look up the property tax! But when it comes to the really hard part—the public remarks for MLS—you’re on your own. In a hot …

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Instant custom property descriptions, better than property description generators

Update 5/7/2023 regarding ChatGPT With the recent advent of ChatGPT, Nila June has seen a huge increase in activity and interest from the real estate community. Agents searching for “ChatGPT prompts for real estate” are finding us, and many are using Nila June. Here’s a  little something we wrote about why many agents agree that Nila …

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Greg Williams

Nila June Co-Founder Greg Williams | AX Semantics Interview

“Does a real estate agent yearn to spend all morning in isolation, tweaking a property description? Or would the agent rather be shaking hands and showing houses? By disposition, most agents are inclined toward the social aspects of their profession, just as the writer who can come up with a great property description might not be so good at giving the Grand Tour.”