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Demo with Achieve Realty in Naples, FL

achieve realty

Achieve Realty in Naples, FL, has an eye on great technology!

Co-founder Paul Grier and I were delighted to present Nila June to the agents at Achieve Realty in Naples this morning, at the invitation of broker/owner Ralph Iorio. We thank Cheryl DeGrazio for setting up the meeting, and the whole Achieve team for their attention during the demo and for the lively Q&A session that followed.

The advantages of a live demo, when the software has already been launched

It went great! When you’re presenting software that is already in commercial deployment, there’s no need for a PowerPoint full of future promises. With Nila June already delivering professional property descriptions everywhere from Anchorage to Miami, we were able to review the site and perform a live demo.

Points of emphasis

  • Nila June’s relationship with MIAMI Association of REALTORS. The Florida real estate market is the hottest in the nation, and most of the transactions are occurring in the lower half of the state.
  • Positive coverage of Nila June in Inman News. This is really important to us, because–like Nila June–Inman News is run by professional writers. We view Nila June as a writing product, not a tech product. We work hard on our language, syntax, and originality. A tip of the hat from Craig C. Rowe or Jim Dalrymple II provides a lot of motivation for continuous refinement of Nila June’s natural language generation system.
  • For real estate agents, and for us, nothing beats client testimonials. Most of our business is from repeat users. Our refund request rate is less than 1%, and usually that’s because someone tried to use Nila June to describe something we don’t cover–like a vacant lot. (And we’ll probably add coverage of vacant lots soon anyway!)
  • How we’re different from/better than mere “property description generators” that are based on ChatGPT. We maintain complete control over the language in our system. So our descriptions are accurate, creative, original, and compliant with fair housing language rules.
  • Our no subscription, no contract business model. We’re not in the business of sneaking a spot on your monthly credit card bill. When you need a description, you come to us and we’ll sell you one. When you don’t need a description, we leave you (and your credit card) alone.
  • How does it work? It could not be easier. There is no learning curve. If you’ve ever taken an online survey, you are already an expert in how to use Nila June. You “brief the writer” by filling out a survey about the home. As soon as you are done with the survey, we write two descriptions for your listing. There’s a long version and a short version. You can edit and use these descriptions as you please.

Our Naples property

For the product demo, we described a centrally located, 6 bedroom/6 bathroom contemporary, with a generous menu of views (Gulf of Mexico, golf course, garden), and an orange tree in the yard. The inside was nice too! On-the-fly, we “purchased” the descriptions to show that they appear immediately in the user’s browser window, and are immediately emailed to the user. 

An open offer from Nila June to other brokerages and teams

We would like to do more of these presentations. So if your brokerage team has a weekly meeting, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to present our wares to your real estate professionals. Shoot an email to me at and we’ll set something up.