Great listing example [video!], with a Nila June description

Here's a great listing example from Shruthi Shyamala

We’ve repeatedly made the point that a great property listing sells not just the home but also the agent. The converse is also true. A poor (or missing) description might not keep the home from selling (in a hot market). But it might deprive the sellers of maximum price.  Even in a hot market, a poor property listing is no magnet for new listing opportunities. As the market begins to cool, agents will need to pay extra attention to all components of a listing, including the written description.

For a great listing example, it’s going to be hard to beat the one you see below. If we were in the market for an end-unit town home in Sterling, Virginia,  45498 Trail Run would be on our “must see” list. As sellers looking for a listing agent, this video would make Shruthi Shyamala of Devon & Dustin Fox Homes our first call.

Accompanying the creative video is an excellent Nila June property description, slightly modified to reflect Shruthi’s personal knowledge of the home.

We’re always thrilled to see our work as a component of a great looking listing.  Thank you, Shruthi, for using Nila June! 

Here is the original video

We admire the creativity!

And here is the video on Instagram, with the Nila June description

It’s nice to see the video in deployment on social media, accompanied by a premium Nila June property description.