Professional standards | Accurate details | Specific to your listing | No contract or subscription | $19.99

Online Briefing

You answer Nila June's online questions about the home.

Instant Writing

Immediately, Nila June writes your listing description.

Immediate Delivery

Your description is already in your email in-box.

Who uses Nila June?

Agents and TCs from all major brokerages in all fifty states use Nila June. Here’s a little something we wrote about what we’ve learned from them.

Can I edit the descriptions?

Absolutely! The descriptions are emailed to you in editable text format. Feel free to add your own perspective  Even if you decide to make a couple of changes, your listing is publishable faster, and you have more time for showing houses and closing deals.

Why do your descriptions sound as if they were written by professional writers?

There’s an easy answer for that: Because they are. 

Our system is powered by human writers, making human decisions, to produce the best possible prose for you. We let the computers assemble the text in a snap, but the writing took years of advance work, and it is never ending.

How is working with Nila June JUST LIKE working with a professional writer?

Like a trusted professional writer, Nila June takes a briefing from you, and completes a tedious task that you don’t really have time to do yourself.

Before getting started on a property description, a professional writer asks you a series of questions about the property.  So does Nila June. The writer draws upon words and phrases that have been effective in previous assignments. So does Nila June, but Nila June has a whole lot more words and phrases “in mind!”

Why is working with Nila June BETTER THAN working with a professional writer?

Here’s where Nila June’s process differs, in your favor.

Based on the information that you provide, Nila June immediately–while you are still looking at the screen; while you’re taking your next sip of coffee; while you are glancing at your most recent text message–delivers not one but two versions of your property description.

The short version falls within the 1,000 character limit of popular listings sites. The long version is for use where character limits are not an issue, such as on a dedicated website, marketing flyer, or email.

More questions?

Check out this great piece on Qwerticulation: How to get the most out of your Nila June descriptions. If your question is not addressed in the Nila June FAQ, contact us and we’ll be happy to speak with you.