a nice 1500 square foot house

How to write a property description

a nice 1500 square foot house

A step by step-by-step guide: How to write a listing descripton

Here at Nila June, every day we hear from top real estate agents about how to write a property description that sells.

You might decide to go the DIY route. Maybe you will hire an expensive professional writer. We think it makes more sense to use Nila June’s acclaimed and affordable AI property descriptions. No matter what you decide, here are the steps to take. 

First, choose a writing method

Maybe you decide to go the DIY route: If you like to write, and are good at it, DIY might be your best option. Plus, it’s “free!”–if you value your time at $0 per hour.

You might decide to hire a professional writer: Do you know a professional real estate copywriter whose work you admire? If so, and if you are willing to spend a few days and $100 or more for the description, this is the way to go. If you feel like rolling the dice, you could always try Fiverr.

Or you could use Nila June: For only $19.99, Nila June produces great property descriptions instantly. Inman News calls Nila June an “essential app” for listing agents.

Second, brief the writer about the house

DIY: You already know about the house, so you’re in good shape here.

Professional writer: Exchange emails, or schedule a time to meet over coffee or lunch. Depending on your mutual responsiveness and availability, this back and forth should take no more than two or three days..

Nila June: Fill out the Nila June property briefing survey. This is your opportunity to make the most of your knowledge of the house. So take your time, and be prepared to spend up to ten minutes on the task.


Nila June is an essential app for real estate agents

. . . Agents looking to improve their descriptions "could benefit from using this easy, affordable software."

Third, write the first draft

DIY: Schedule time to do the actual writing. Amid ordinary distractions, writer’s block, and false starts (all completely normal!), be prepared to spend a few hours at your desk. Make SURE to avoid fair housing language pitfalls. We recommend taking a class at the Fair Housing Rights Center. Make sure to avoid words from the CRMLS Fair Housing Word & Phrase List.  

Professional writer: Allow at least a couple of days for the first draft. Communicate this delay to your sellers so they understand that the work is in progress. Ask them to be patient.

Nila June: As soon as you complete the survey (only 10 minutes!), the descriptions are all done. Nila June descriptions are Fair Housing compliant.

Fourth, review and revise

DIY: All good writing is rewriting. Let a day or two go by, and then have another look at your work. Make changes and improvements wherever necessary.

Professional writer: More emails and phone calls with the professional writer. Allow the writer ample time to incorporate your suggestions.

Nila June: Our descriptions arrive in final or near-final form. Make any changes that you like.

Fifth, present the property listing description to your sellers

DIY: When you are finally done with your work, show your sellers. Ideally, they’ll like it. If not, continue to iterate through additional revisions. Remember: every seller deserves the best property description.

Professional writer: When you and the professional writer are done, show your work to your sellers. If they like it, great! If not, take their feedback back to the writer and continue to iterate through additional revisions.

Nila June: Our descriptions consistently impress sellers. If they want to see a change or two, go ahead and make the changes.

Finally, use the descriptions for public remarks for MLS and elsewhere

DIY: Congratulations! You’re all done, and it only took you a week or so. Plus, you saved $19.99!

Professional writer: Congratulations! You’re all done, and it only took a week or so. It cost you more than $100, but it was worth it!

Nila June: Congratulations! You’re done, and you spent only $19.99! Your sellers will probably mention speed and quality of your description in their referral testimonial. And as we all know: nothing beats client testimonials!

Nothing beats client testimonials!