Nila June’s co-creators have deep experience using data, language, and technology to create business information products.

Greg Williams is a writer and product manager. He has completed the Housing Rights Center‘s Fair Housing Certification Training program, and interacts directly with Nila June’s customers every day.  As the longtime head of product management for Reis (aquired by Moody’s Analytics),  Greg built analytical products that were relied upon at every stage of the commercial real estate transaction lifecycle.  Among his creations was a widely adopted natural language generation (NLG) system for the evaluation of markets, submarkets, and properties. That same technology and experience forms the basis of Nila June’s revolutionary software. On Qwerticulation.com Greg discusses his vision for commercially deployable NLG. 

Paul Grier, a versatile and accomplished technology leader, has served as director of technology at Moody’s Analytics and as SVP of technology at Reis. In addition to providing strategic and tactical guidance to his colleagues in the C-suite, he is skilled at building development teams and leading them to deliver complex projects on time. While maintaining an executive perspective, he is also a systems architect, network security expert, and a hands-on developer with a long track record of creating successful business information products.

Nila June Abbott Repass, Greg’s grandmother, was a real estate agent in Blount County, TN.

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Greg Williams and Paul Grier

Here we are . . .

We started out sharing an office more than 20 years ago, and have worked together ever since. We founded Nila June during the pandemic Zoom era. This August 2022 photo documents our first in-person meeting in three years! Nice lunch at Blue Marlin in Columbia, SC. -- GW