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The property description as marketing opportunity

A professional write-up attracts new potential clients, who are scanning listings in the area to see which real estate agents seem to be at the top of their game.  An amateur description is neutral at best.  A poor one acts as a sort of client scarecrow.

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How to write a property description

Here at Nila June, every day we hear from top real estate agents about how to write a property description that sells. The consensus is that the written property description remains a unique opportunity to make a listing stand out. Zillow surfers include not only potential buyers, but also potential sellers. Members of the latter

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Fully automated public remarks for MLS

Most multiple listings services do a great job of aggregating publicly available information about homes for sale. No doubt this saves agents a lot of time. Great! You don’t have to look up the property tax! But when it comes to the really hard part—the public remarks for MLS—you’re on your own. In a hot

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Nila June is the best property description generator

Shown above is a screenshot from the Qwerticulation blog post that names Nila June the best  property description generator. Nila June is your best option for automated listing descriptions . . . way better than a property description template.  Key ideas from the post are discussed below.  Get your property description now! Nila June is your

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Willie Ibarra

Customer Spotlight: Willie Ibarra

“Buyers today are drowning in online photographs of homes for sale. After a while all those photos look the same. A great written description says, ‘Pause here with me, and think about this house.’ It can really make a listing stand out.” — Willie Ibarra, Managing Broker/Owner of W Realty Services, LLC

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