Qwerticulation on getting the most out of your Nila June descriptions


ICYMI, Qwerticulaton has some great Nila June tips

There’s a nice post at Qwerticulation, with tips on using Nila June  for real estate marketing.  When you’re in a rush to get the property listing description posted on MLS or on Zillow, it can be easy to overlook where else it might be used. But when you take your time (five whole minutes!) with the Nila June property briefing survey, you create a marketing asset that helps you across multiple channels. Below, we paraphrase the advice from the original article. 


Tip #1: Take the Nila June property briefing survey like you're briefing a freelancer

a nice 1500 square foot house

 Developed in consultation with successfull listing agents and broker/owners, Nila June’s questions are your guide for how to to think about the house. Your answers help Nila June’s automated system position the house in the best possible light, in terms of location and features. Just look at the breezy front porch on that 1920s craftsman home in the photo above! And it’s just a couple of blocks to Memorial Park, and a thirty minute commute to vibrant centers of employment! You’ll be home before dark, whipping up a delicious meal the newly remodeled kitchen!

In fact, the survey is so good that we’ve had some agents take it simply as a reminder of how best to think about a new listing! Once they see for themselves that we’re asking all the right questions, they go ahead and buy the description. 

Tip #2: Read the description to get even more new ideas!

If you paid a freelancer a couple hundred dollars for a description, you would probably read it carefully to make sure the money is well spent. Even though  Nila June costs only $19.99, you should still read the description before posting. Chances are, it will inspire you to make a few adjustments and additions. As great as Nila June is, you’re the agent who’s walking the yard, kicking the bricks, and turning on the faucets inside. Your authority, in combination with Nila June’s writing skill, can produce a description that is unbeatable for real estate marketing. 

Tip #3: Think beyond MLS and Zillow

Your Nila June description is a fantastic real estate marketing asset for use in emails, on flyers, and in conversation. Yes, in conversation! We’re not saying to corner people and read Nila June’s output to them, but pick out some favorite sentences and phrases for use in casual conversation. “You know, the deck, pool, and patio are just a classic trio of amenities. Usually you get only one, but this listing has all three.”

Tip #4: Don't keep Nila June to yourself

Real estate is a business of handshakes and lunch appointments, and helping each other out. If a colleague is struggling with property descriptions, help’em out! Pass along the good news of Nila June!

It’s a favor that will be returned to you in some form or another . . . maybe you’ll get some help with that lock box combination just when you need it!

Tip #5: Avoid "AI" writers

Nila June is human writing, connected to the power of technology.  Disagree if you like, but we think, no one is going to bid on your listing because they’re impressed by the tech behind your property description.  For Nila June, speed and price are nice, but all that matters to the home buyer is what’s on the page. Nila June has the same technology, and wins on the quality of the description.