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Update 5/7/2023 regarding ChatGPT

With the recent advent of ChatGPT, Nila June has seen a huge increase in activity and interest from the real estate community. Agents searching for “ChatGPT prompts for real estate” are finding us, and many are using Nila June. Here’s a  little something we wrote about why many agents agree that Nila June writes better descriptions than ChatGPT.

Nila June is your starting point for automated listing descriptions

Qwerticulation calls  Nila June the “best  property description generator.”  We wince a bit at the label, because “property description generator,” doesn’t capture the precision and elegance of a Nila June’s fully automated property descriptions.  But we’ll take it!  We agree that Nila June is your best option for going from a blank page a perfect listing description instantly. Our listing descriptions are customized to match your knowledge of the home. 

Nila June's founding principles are all about you and your property description

Nila June was founded based on two simple concepts:

By pairing your knowledge of the home with our writing talent and technology skill, Nila June can instantly deliver a great description so that you can get on with your day.

Yes, “instant” is pretty fast! But it’s not about speed. It’s about quality. Our goal is to get you real the estate description that you would write yourself if you didn’t have a million other things to do.

Yes, Nila June is "instant." Even better, the descriptions are great!

You could find a freelancer to do the job, but that would take time, and would cost a multiple of the painless Nila June fee. You could hunt around for description templates or even other automated systems that might produce a handful of sentences for you. We’ve looked at a few. They seem to treat the property description of something not very important, something to be dispensed with.

That is not our view. Remember our foundational principle: Property listing descriptions are of vital importance.

They describe the home, of course, but also the agent.

They are all the more important in an ocean of nearly identical real estate photographs.

Top agents know this, of course, which is why more and more of them are turning to Nila June. As we approach a year in service, we are continually amazed at how creatively our descriptions are revised and published by agents. Sometimes they even wind up accompanying a professional quality video!

Top agents use Nila June for property descriptions

As we approach a year in service, we are constantly amazed at the creativity that our clients bring to their listings

If you’d like to join their ranks, give Nila June a try. If you download a description but you don’t like it, send us a note and we’ll refund the price.