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Nila June is on MIAMI REALTORS® Gateway

MIAMI Association of REALTORS® selects Nila June as provider of AI property descriptions

As this press release says, members of the MIAMI Association of REALTORS® now enjoy discounted access to Nila June when they are logged in to MIAMI Gateway

MIAMI Gateway is the array of products and services carefully vetted for member use. Obviously, we’re thrilled to be included.

A “local” association of international importance

Since Nila June’s launch in October 2021, Florida has accounted for the greatest share of our business by state. Within Florida, most of that activity is in the MIAMI REALTORS® footprint. MIAMI calls itself “largest local REALTOR association  in the United States,” which, though true, might actually understate the association’s importance. After all, MIAMI’s “local” area is the most active real estate market in the United States, with hundreds of new homebuyers arriving daily. These newcomers originate from points both domestic and international. As a result, MIAMI carries a global presence.

A nudge from Inman

In the first industry review of Nila June, Automated Listing Descriptions Get Better with Nila June, author Craig C. Rowe of Inman News suggested that we should look into partnering with Multiple Listings Services. We liked the idea, not only because of the potential to reduce the time that our customers spend entering information into our survey, but also to reach a broad base of potential customers.

The first leader to respond to our outreach was Liz Sturrock, the Chief of Innovation and MLS at MIAMI REALTORS®. With a background that includes the top role at Remine and a long run as Vice President of Technology at the National Association of REALTORs, she has worked with plenty of product-focused developers like co-founder Paul Grier and me.

A top notch team at MIAMI REALTORS®

Liz shepherded us through a launch process that included collaboration with MIAMI’s professional marketing, training, and communications teams. It’s been a pleasure to work with Liset Hanes, Deborah Boza-Vallador, Chris Umpierre, Michael Curiel, and their teammates.  Their structured methodology moved us toward an offering that presents a clear value proposition to members. They improved upon all of our suggested copy for pages, emails, and the press release.

What about ChatGPT property descriptions?

Even during the relatively short time between that first Inman review and the launch of this integration with MIAMI REALTORS®, the competitive landscape for our services changed significantly, with the launch of ChatGPT3. The advent of Large Language Models in general, and ChatGPT in particular, awakened many to the possibility of automated content. Almost immediately, so many competing GPT-based property description services appeared that I abandoned count! (Here’s an article I wrote about how Nila June is different from/better than “property description generators.”) There’s a market for these simple autotext services, among agents who view the property description as a box to be checked. By contrast, Nila June serves agents who know that the listing description is an opportunity to make their listings, and themselves, stand out in a competitive marketplace like South Florida.

Here’s the big “secret” about Nila June

Our number one priority is producing a great description that makes the listing and the agent stand out. If we happen to save the agent time, then great! But that’s a secondary benefit.

We don’t view our product as a shortcut. In fact, our service demands that agents know everything about the house or condo for sale. The result is a description that describes not just any house, yard, or neighborhood, but very specifically the one that is so near and dear to the seller.

We believe that every seller deserves a perfect listing description. The correct perspective to bring to any  sale is: This is one of two or three houses–perhaps the only house–that my client will ever sell. This calls for a wonderful property listing description!

With MIAMI REALTORS®, where to now?

The Nila June service on MIAMI Gateway is not static. Every day, in consultation with our customers, we improve Nila June in at least some small way, and sometimes in major ways.  We are constantly adding new survey options and language variety to ensure that our output is as complete and delightful as possible. The improvements arising from this obsession will flow instantly and directly into the service that we are offering through MIAMI Gateway. 

MIAMI REALTORS® can expect survey and language customizations designed to capture the particulars of their market. We look forward to working with MIAMI REALTORS® to serve their HUGE local market of domestic and international clients!