Nila June makes partnerships and integrations easy

Partnerships & Integrations

Adding Nila June to your platform for listing agents is a great idea. We offer an easy path for partnerships and integrations.

The property description is the most important piece of marketing collateral associated with any listing. We have built our AI listing description service accordingly. If you’re reading this, you probably already know why Nila June is not just another so-called “property description generator.” We can help you explain it to your colleagues.

Reasons to choose Nila June as your AI property descriptions partner

Here are a few bullets to pass along to your fellow stakeholders in the vendor partnership and integration decision.

  • Nila June’s descriptions are based entirely on facts provided by the listing agent. As a result, they contain no “hallucinations” (i.e. “made up” information). 
  • Nila June’s proprietary AI system was created by professional human writers rather than by predictive LLMs. As a result, our output is fresh, creative, and engaging.  
  • In addition to accuracy and freshness, Nila June’s human-powered methodology means that our descriptions are free of FHA language violations. 
  • We do not use ChatGPT, or any GPT or LLM.
  • Inman News has named Nila June an “essential app” for agents.
  • Our API access guide makes integration easy.

If you would like to integrate Nila June into your site or service,  email co-founder Greg Williams, or call him at (973) 457-8959 ext. 100.

Associations and MLS

If you would like to bring Nila June’s best-in-class, FHA- compliant AI property descriptions to your MLS or REALTORS® association, great! We make it easy. Your authorized members will have seamless access to a dedicated landing page that carries your branding. They will get our property descriptions at a 20% discount, buying only when needed, with no contract or subscription.

Consider the example of MIAMI Association of REALTORS®, the largest local association of realtors in the nation: MIAMI Realtors Partners with Nila June to Bring Best-in-Class, AI Property Listing Descriptions to the MIAMI MLS

Service Providers

If you already provide a service to listing agents, and would like to include Nila June’s best-in-class, FHA- compliant AI property descriptions as part of your offering, great! We make it easy. We can host a dedicated landing page for you (see the MIAMI Association of REALTORS® example above) or let you host the Nila June property briefing survey on your site or in your system. 

Consider the example of SignTraker, providing sign installation services to listing agents throughout the U.S. and Canada: Nila June is now available on SignTraker!


If you want to help your agents write better property descriptions, save time, and provide better service to their clients, Nila June can offer the same integration and business framework options that are already in place for associations like MIAMI and service providers like SignTraker

Let's talk

Co-founders Paul Grier and Greg Williams are happy to meet with you and your team. Email Greg, or call him at (973) 457-8959 ext. 100.