Nila June is now available on SignTraker!

Get your property description when you order your "For Sale" sign!

Have you ever seen a real estate agent personally install a home “For Sale” sign? Wielding a post hole digger in a front yard?  And then have you seen that agent return after the sale to remove the sign, patch the lawn, and cart the sign off to storage? Neither have we. Most real estate agents leave that important task to professional installation companies that run on software provided by SignTraker®. 

We’re thrilled to announce that SignTraker®  has added Nila June to its best-in-class sign installation software platform. The match makes perfect sense: Both SignTraker®  and Nila June serve listing agents by turning cumbersome manual tasks into simple, online processes. 

SignTraker software handles the full life cycle of your “For Sale” signage: configuration, production, installation, removal, and storage.  As a SignTraker user, you don’t have to leave your desk.

Nila June automatically writes your property description, based on your responses to a simple online survey about the house. As a Nila June user, you will never again confront the proverbial “tyranny of the blank page!”

Well, great news for listing agents: SignTraker now offers Nila June as an option to its customers. Since SignTraker®  Authorized Providers service over 70% of the top 100 markets in the US and Canada, that means most agents will be able to get their property descriptions during the same few minutes that they set aside to create, order, and scedule their sign installations.  If you don’t see Nila June option when you order your sign, it’s time to find a SignTraker Authorized Provider.

This is great news for listing agents

Listing agents can now order a fully automated, instantly delivered property description at precisely the moment when they trigger the professional requirement to produce one: right when they are ordering the “For Sale” sign. With the sign and description both taken care of, the rest of the day is free for shaking hands, showing houses, and closing deals.

It's also great news for SignTraker Authorized Providers

Sign Installation businesses that are powered by SignTraker now automatically bring a significant new benefit to their customers, without incurring additional manual work for themselves. Nila June is a fully online service. After filling out a quick property briefing survey, customers immediately receive two professionally written descriptions (a long version and a shorter version).

Shout out to Vladimir Cvetkov of ListingPro by Axium! Vlad shepherded the arrangement and was the first SignTraker® Authorized Provider to offer Nila June!

The collaboration makes sense for the entire real estate industry

Rising interest rates and  declining inventory have placed agents in a more competitive environment. As we’ve argued, this is great news for the best agents! Their work in positioning and presenting the home is now way more important than it was during that brief frenzy a couple of years ago. Back then, listing a house was like throwing the bouquet at a wedding. You were going to get multiple offers! Now that the market has changed, listing agents must assign critical tasks–such as the sign installation and the property description–to professionals who will get the job done right.

Especially important in a changing market

Remember this about the people who are driving by the local “For Sale” signs and browsing the Zillow descriptions: They’re not all in the market to buy. Some are in the market to choose a listing agent for their upcoming sale. And they’re every bit as worried about rising interest rates as you are. They’re asking themselves: Around here, who’s the best agent to get me the top price for my home? Whose “For Sale” signs are thoughtful, creative, and professionally installed? When they’re browsing Zillow, they’re reading the descriptions. Is this one or that one pasted together? Obviously copied from somewhere else? Written as if it is the summer of 2021? Or is it professionally written, creative, and respectful of the seller’s perspective?

How to take advantage of the collaboration

If you’re an agent, you are probably already using a service that runs on SignTraker® software: SignTraker Authorized Providers service over 70% of the top 100 markets in the US and Canada. This means that you’ll see the Nila June option the next time you order a sign. If you don’t see that option, you’ll need to switch to a sign installation service that runs on SignTraker! A list is available here: link.