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The property description as marketing opportunity

Nila June property descriptions

The property description is a marketing opportunity for the agent

Most agents understand that property listing descriptions, or the public remarks for MLS, constitute a marketing opportunity for the home.  What’s often missed is that the description is also a marketing opportunity for the agent. 

Whoever said “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” probably didn’t have in mind every single task involved in selling homes.  It’s easy to love showing and selling, but harder to get misty about the prerequisites to that final handshake. We think that agents can cultivate a healthy a  appreciation of one of those tasks by embracing the property description as an opportunity to market themselves.

Front and center throughout the entire listing cycle, too often the property description is created in a hurry, as an afterthought. As seen on popular listing sites, the property description is frequently ­­a mishmash of jargon, abbreviations, and sentence fragments that are lifted from other listings and assembled in Frankenstein fashion.  This is unfortunate for the seller, who expects the listing agent to produce a description that will impress potential buyers.

Bigger picture, it is also a missed opportunity for the agent.  The property description is a public showcase for the agent’s professionalism and creativity.

Potential sellers see the property description as your marketing opportunity

A great write-up attracts new potential clients, who are scanning listings in the area to see which real estate agents seem to be at the top of their game.  A mediocre description is neutral at best.  A poor one acts as a sort of new client scarecrow. It says, “Move on and choose different agent to sell your house.”

With so much at stake, it’s no wonder that some freelance writers are able to make a living writing property descriptions.  Frankly, we think that any agent who does not enjoy writing property descriptions, and who has extra time and money to burn, should give one of these freelancers a try.

But also try Nila June’s instant property descriptions.  Qwerticulation says Nila June is the best property description generator. Although we think it’s way more than that, we’ll take the accolades. In our view, we’re offering a marketing opportunity for the agent, and were saving the agent a lot of time.

What is Nila June? An opportunity to market yourself with a great property description

Nila June is a system that grafts human writing skill onto unlimited computational power in order to produce great property descriptions. You can adapt these descriptions for your public remarks for MLS, and for your other property listing needs.

Nila June’s vocabulary, phrasing, and stylistic choices are created by professional human writers, and conditionally invoked based on information that you supply.  Like a trusted professional writer, Nila June takes a briefing from you and completes an assignment that you don’t really have time to do yourself.  Nila June is the answer to your Google search: “How to write a property description.”

It's easy to use Nila June as an opportunity to market yourself

In some ways, using Nila June is just like using a freelancer. In important ways, using Nila June is easier.

Both marketing opportunities begin with the agent briefing the writer.  Rather than an open-ended “Tell me all about the house,” the interview can be sequenced to save time and to capture the common attributes of location, exterior, and interior, with attention to proximity advantages, outdoor recreational structures, and key rooms.

After the briefing, the real work begins.  Generally, a good freelancer, juggling competing personal priorities and professional assignments, should be able to finish a first draft within two or three days.  Rates depend upon the urgency of the project and the experience level of the freelancer, but a reasonable fee would be at least $100.  By contrast, Nila June charges only a fraction of that.

As one of our repeat clients said, “This is way cheaper than a freelancer, and way faster than me!”

Editing the description for use in MLS public remarks, Zillow, and others

After receiving the description, read it carefully.  Remember: this is your opportunity to market your great writing style, your understanding of the local market, and your attentiveness to clients. As every writer and editor knows, it’s easier to improve near-final text than to try to make new tracks on a blank page.  You’ll find yourself adjusting the prose to ensure that it accurately expresses your unique perspective on the home.  This is to be expected.  No writer or system can anticipate the personal revisions that will elevate a “good” listing to your standards of perfection.

When it’s done, compare the final to the last two or three descriptions that you wrote on your own.  Which one is clearly the best?  Which one is the most likely to attract buyers for the listing and new sellers for you?  Compare your new property description to descriptions of similar homes in the area.  Does yours stand out as better?

If the new listing helps to expedite the sale and to maximize the price, then the total return on investment (ROI) is well worth a few minutes and a few dollars spent with Nila June.  Putting aside for a moment the eventual ROI, consider the advantages of the immediate ROI, which comes in the form of personal time regained right now