The transaction coordinator checklist just got a little easier

Transaction coordinator

In praise of transaction coordinators

Transaction coordinators keep the U.S. real estate market moving. They are logistical superheroes. They transform a calendar of roadblocks into a pathway to success.

Imagine, if you dare, the dark, chaotic world without them. Appointments are missed, home inspections don’t happen, listing agreements linger unsigned, photos aren’t scheduled, lawn signs don’t go up, and closings are delayed.

With a mix of attributes that includes persistence, a friendly disposition, organizational leadership, and energy, the nation’s transaction coordinators shepherd agents, sellers, to a successful final closing meeting.

Those attributes are great for handling almost every item on the transaction coordinator checklist.

Every item except for one:

That item is the property listing description.

Toughest item on the transaction coordinator checklist

Expecting the transaction coordinator to write the property listing description is a little like expecting the circus ringmaster to walk the tightrope. No! There’s a specialist for that!

Leadership, disposition, energy, and persistence or of little use in writing the property description. The disposition and skills that makes someone a great writer, and the disposition and skills that make someone a great transaction coordinator, do not often overlap.

In fact, to write a great property description, it might help to be a little more of an introvert, home in front of the computer. That pretty much describes the Nila June team as we were building our fully automated property description system.

Sure, most transaction coordinators can spend a few hours cobbling together a reasonable facsimile of a property description. However, the standard should be higher than reasonable facsimile. Would that be acceptable for any other item on the transaction coordinator checklist? Of course not. The property description should be handled as perfectly as the documentation required at the closing table.

In a hot market, it’s possible to get away with a lame (or even a missing) property description. We’re not saying the house won’t sell anyway. But it’s not about this listing. It’s about the next one. And the next listing is likely to go to an agent who has a top-notch one online right now. The property description is a great opportunity to catch the attention of future sellers.

Top transaction coordinators use Nila June for property descriptions

Nila June is a fully automated property description specialist that frees up transaction coordinators to handle the rest of their checklist.

For transaction coordinators who are great at every aspect of their job EXCEPT maybe the property description, using Nila June is a sensible, professional decision. Nila June is much more affordable than a freelancer, and much faster, too. We complete our descriptions in seconds. 

For transaction coordinators who are great writers, using Nila June also makes sense. It’s always easier to edit a great piece of professional work from Nila June than to start with a blank page.

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