Instant Property Listing Descriptions

Online Briefing

You answer a few questions about the home.

Instant Writing

Based on your answers, Nila June automatically creates two property listing descriptions: a shorter one for use on platforms where space is limited, and a longer one for use everywhere else.

Immediate Delivery

Your property listing description is done! A task that used to take all morning is already behind you. More time for selling houses!

What is Nila June?

Nila June is a system that grafts human writing skill onto unlimited computational power in order to produce great property listing descriptions for you.

Nila June’s vocabulary, phrasing, and stylistic choices are created by professional human writers, and conditionally invoked based on information that you supply.  Like a trusted professional writer, Nila June takes a briefing from you and completes an assignment that you don’t really have time to do yourself. 

Great descriptions. Easy decision.

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