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10 reasons to use Nila June

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1.You’ll get a professional property description immediately

Nila June was created by professional writers.  The automated output reflects their thinking, vocabulary, and style–and it is highly accurate.  Like a professional writer, Nila June “interviews you” (you answer a series of online survey questions about the property), and then gets to work.

2. Yes, the speed and price are unbeatable, but Nila June aims to win on quality

Nila June is founded on the principle that your property listing description is very important and must be done very well. It’s not a box to be checked, but an opportunity to shine and attract more business. Our instant delivery is great, but it is secondary to the quality of the writing.  For the origin of and philosophy behind Nila June, read this great piece on Qwerticulation: Nila June Instant Property Descriptions for Listing Agents.

3. Nila June respects your time

Briefing Nila June takes “five whole minutes,” as we sometimes say. Writing a property description yourself from scratch takes a lot longer.

4. You can edit the professional property description

Just like a piece of writing from your assistant or from a trusted friend, Nila June’s automated property descriptions are editable.  You can tweak words or add sentences to say exactly what you want to say.

5. You’ll save time and money

Are you buying a great professional property description? Or are you buying back the time that you might have spent writing one yourself?  Either way, great move.

6. You’ll have a competitive advantage

Your Nila June instant property descriptions will catch the attention of potential sellers.  You’ll be top of mind when they are choosing an agent.  Having more listings leads to more closings and higher income.

7. Or maybe you’ll level the playing field

If you’ve noticed lately that your competitors’ property descriptions are suddenly a lot better than yours, maybe they’re already using Nila June.  You don’t have to concede that advantage

8. Perhaps writing is a must-do instead of a love-to-do

Let’s face it. The keyboard on your desk doesn’t make you yearn to write property descriptions anymore than the wrench in your basement inspires you to re-plumb the bathrooms.  Rather than wasting time doing a professional’s job as well as you can, leave the plumbing to a plumber and the writing to Nila June.

9. Now you can concentrate on what you do best

With the writing off of your plate, now you can do what you do best.  Understanding your clients’ needs, knowing the local market inside and out, showing houses, and closing deals—that’s where you shine. 

10. Close more deals, make more money

Nila June exists only to help you make more money, both by saving you time and by producing creative, professional property descriptions that will attract buyers to your listings and new sellers to your door.